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NY SPIN is officially dissolved. This website will remain up until sometime in the 4th quarter of 2021 for anyone who still wishes to view/download any of the posted presentations. Keep in mind that although they are publicly available from the site, you do not have permission to use the content of presentations beyond self-education without first obtaining approval from the presenters. The YouTube page with videos of some of the past presentations will remain up as long as it continues to be cost-free. The flickr pages with photos from many meetings, mostly taken by Richard, will remain up as well, as long as that remains cost-free. You may want to capture the urls to those sites if you wish to continue to be able to view them after this website shuts down. The LinkedIn Group pages will remain up for now, so discussions about process can continue among those who are already members. It may shut down some time in the future, especially if it stops being cost-free. Our thanks again to everyone who ever volunteered with our organization; presented; was on a panel; attended one or more of our events. Special thanks also to every firm that hosted our events.

In 1996 the idea of a group devoted to sharing information about software process improvement in the New York metropolitan area was born. That idea was initially known as CitySPIN and NYC SPIN, and many years later evolved into the not-for-profit NY SPIN, Inc. The organization was always run by volunteers, to whom we are forever grateful.

In the beginning, ours was pretty much the only group in town talking about technology and process and related subjects. Major companies such as JP Morgan, Citibank and DTC (now DTCC) hosted the monthly events and provided lavish spreads. Then the financial bubble burst and these and other companies started to pull back on expenses, and the organization searched around for other organizations to host events. The next group of venue sponsors, who so graciously hosted us were Microsoft, ThoughtWorks, and eventually Wells Fargo Advisors. Others too numerous to mention filled in when occasionally those other venues were not available.

By the time the organization converted to a not-for-profit corporation, many other technology-related organizations with meetings had come into existence, and technology provided improved means for getting the word out online and sharing information. At the same time many in technology were working longer hours and had fewer free hours for extra activities after work. These and other factors began reducing the number of folks who turned out for NY SPIN events.

All good things eventually come to an end, and sadly the time has come for NY SPIN. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the creation and running and supporting of this organization. Thank you to all of the great speakers and panelists and moderators that helped make each event great. And, of course, thanks to all of you who attended our events and otherwise offered your support in whatever way you could.

The former NY SPIN Board:

-Richard Kuper

-Marc Fiedler

-Bill Greenbaum

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