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NY SPIN Announcements

NY SPIN Calendar 2016-2017
(subject to change)

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SIG Announcements

Sept 19 (Mon) Using Strong Processes to Counter Emerging Cyber Threats Panel disccussion. See invite for details. Well Fargo Advisors
Nov 14 (Mon) Sprint Zero: Make Your Team Productive From the Start Peter Morales Well Fargo Advisors
Feb 6 (Mon) Celebrating 20 Years Various Well Fargo Advisors
Mar 8 (Wed) Managing Projects in a Hybrid Agile / Waterfall Environment David Hersey Well Fargo Advisors
Apr 4 (Tue) Finally! A model for evaluating agile performance: The Agile Performance Holarchy Jeff Dalton Well Fargo Advisors
May 18 (Thu)     Well Fargo Advisors
Summer 2017 Plan 2017-2018 Season Volunteers (Help us out!)