An organization of professionals dedicated to the improvement of software and systems engineering.

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About Us

Welcome to NY SPIN - New York's Software & Systems Process Improvement Network.

NY SPIN Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. Since 1996 it has been providing a forum where practitioners and thought leaders across all types of technology-related business areas can meet, exchange ideas, network, and learn about principles and best practices of software and systems process improvement. Participants in NY SPIN events include professionals from a cross-section of business sectors. Event participants are empowered to effect positive process improvement change in their organizations around software and systems development and management.

Joining NY SPIN recognizes one's commitment and loyalty to improving the state of software and systems engineering, as well as placing one in contact with a network of expertise within the community. It is a practical forum for the interchange of ideas, information, and mutual support.

NY SPIN meetings are held monthly, usually from September through May. They provide a forum to network and exchange ideas with other business and technology professionals, as well as a schedule of programs, which cover a variety of software and systems process improvement topics and other related topics of interest to the business and technology community.

In addition to the monthly meetings, there are Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that have their own meetings.

General Membership in the NY SPIN is currently free and open to anyone interested in sharing software process improvement concepts, principles and practices in information technology across all industries. Anyone interested in joining can easily do so by visiting the General Membership section the NY SPIN website. Companies interested in becoming sponsors can make their offer known by visiting the Sponsor section of the NY SPIN website or by contacting one of the Corporate Officers.

Corporate Officers

(Acting) President:

Marc H. Fiedler
marc.h.fiedler [at]


Marc H. Fiedler
marc.h.fiedler [at]


Bill Greenbaum
bill.greenbaum [at]


President Emeritus

Richard Kuper

Chair Emeritus

Tony Hutchings

Board of Directors


Richard L. Kuper
richard.kuper [at]

Vice Chair:

Marc H. Fiedler
marc.h.fiedler [at]

Board Secretary:

Bill Greenbaum
bill.greenbaum [at]


2017-2018 Season

To volunteer, contact us at general [at] Include your full name and contact information.

Program Committee

Event Committee

Marketing Committee

Refreshments Committee

Communications Committee

Finance Committee

Website Committee

NY SPIN Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are in hibernation.

If you would be interested in revitalizing a SIG or starting up a new one

please contact us at general [at] Include your full name and contact information.

The following are the SIGS that were previously active:

Agile Programming/XP

Requirements Management

Configuration Management

Software Testing


Business Management

Privacy and Security